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The Old Library Trust (OLT) acts out its mission to improve the health, wellbeing and fitness of families and individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in the Creggan area of Derry adopting a community development approach which engages local people in health promotion, early year’s development and community healing through partnership with statutory and voluntary service providers.

Seamas Heaney, the Director of OLT says ‘The development of the Healthy Living Centre (HLC) in July 2001 created the opportunity to directly address the social and health needs of the most disadvantaged by engaging residents in a community development process aimed at reducing the inequalities in health by tackling the root causes of ill health. The project is designed to improve community health by engaging with residents, addressing local needs, building confidence, knowledge and skills and supporting residents to take greater responsibility for their future health and wellbeing.’ (Read more here)link to our website

Partnership & Joint Service Delivery

The ethos of strategic partnership underpins the OLT’s working arrangements and emphasises the collective responsibility of all in tackling health inequalities by meeting the health and wellbeing needs of residents in the Triax Neighbourhood Renewal area of benefit.

Since it was established, the OLT has promoted joint working arrangements and partnership working with a wide range of statutory organisations, community groups and voluntary agencies contributing considerable added value to the work of the HLC.

The HLC is recognised as a model of good practice delivering neighbourhood health improvement responsive to the needs of residents. OLT has significant influence on delivery of services by statutory and voluntary service providers and has successfully sustained its service provision over a 13 year period. OLT currently employs a management and staff team responsible for overseeing the design and delivery of community health services and currently oversees delivery of over 60 health improvement programmes and services annually. The central ethos of the HLC is to produce improved health outcomes for children and families. 

Programme Themes include the following:

Health themes 

health themes

health themes

Childcare Promoting Health & Well Being Supporting families to give their children the best start in life
Parenting Support Providing Access to Primary Care Supporting increased physical activity & healthy lifestyles
Health & Well Being Providing Family Support and Care Supporting access to Primary Care at the neighbourhood level
Personal/Skills Training Working with Older People Supporting improved quality of life for older people
Youth Support Promoting Mental Health Supporting people with long term or life limiting conditions
Older People Tackling Obesity Supporting people with poor mental health

OLT board of directors believe that the opportunity now exists to work jointly with other providers to ensure that the project is accessible to all particularly those who tend not to access services and support. The collective strengths of the partnership’s outcomes-based approach helps reduce the impact of adversity and through commitment to ‘doing things differently’ supports families, schools and communities to create an enriched healthier environment for all.

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