The term ‘anchor institution’ is used to refer to an organisation that has an important presence in a community, usually through a combination of being largescale employers, being the largest purchasers of goods and services in the locality and having relatively fixed assets.

The webinar is brought to you in two sessions – session one, chaired by Conrad Park features two great speakers: Karen Jameson from the University Hospital Trust and Angela Jeffery from Aston University who will discuss and invite questions about the Birmingham Anchor Network model.

Karen and Angela will offer some practical illustrations of how groups of anchors have adopted progressive strategies in relation to procurement, employment, and how they utilise land and property assets to rescue, recover and reform local economies.

Joining Neil McInroy in session two to discuss the NI perspective will be representatives from community anchors based in the north of Ireland including:

This presentation is vital for those working in anchor institutions who want to hear about the benefit of anchor networks and what is required for these networks to flourish while building wealth in the community in which they are based.

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*Please note that Christine’s contribution around the 57:00 mark is truncated by a few minutes due to server connection issues. Apologies Christine!

This webinar took place via Zoom on Tuesday 26th January 2021