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After Coronavirus, We Need to Rebuild Better – Not Return to Business-as-Usual


Neil McInroy (CLES) Charlie Fisher (DTNI)

With high levels of public spending in Northern Ireland, we have a massive and scalable opportunity to build on existing inclusive local economy work and do things differently – to build an economy that truly works for all.

Economics for Ordinary People Pt 2

by Mary McManus

In my work, in an inner-city advice centre, I feel I am constantly dealing with symptoms of much larger problems and I wanted to understand what these problems were.

Economics for Ordinary People

by Tony Weeks

Economic illiteracy is a widespread problem. It originates in the academic discipline of economics, a subject based on oversimplified assumptions about human behaviour. Through its practitioners, it informs public policies and judges their success (or failure) - but only in terms of what can be measured.  In many ways its vision is narrow. It has an (almost) unchallengeable self-confidence and offers no support for alternative thinking. 

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