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Vision & Values: Mission Statement

DTNI is committed to a successful Development Trust in every community that wants one. We work for social justice through enterprise. Development Trusts all over Northern Ireland are already enabling communities to make their aspirations a reality. We are committed to being a practitioner based organisation rooted in the communities where we are present.

We believe that assets and enterprise offer a flexibility, stability and generate a respect that might otherwise be lacking. It is clear that asset ownership and communities developing social business has a transformative power

Our vision for Northern Ireland is founded in community empowerment through such asset ownership, helping communities take control of their futures. We are committed to engendering social enterprise that allows community organizations to become sustainable, offering the resource base necessary to provide opportunities and services to the wider community, adding real value to existing service provision and providers.

This is crucial at a time when resources are constrained and services face reductions or cuts. We at DTNI envision a future where community assets are owned by and provide benefit to the community, eventually reducing demands on the public purse and developing a real and sustainable partnership with a range of service providers.

DTNI is already seen as a source of guidance and expertise. This expertise developed in Scotland and England has moved DTNI into a pivotal position regarding asset transer and development. The Development Trust model requires hard-work and commitment, and we at DTNI will provide guidance for potential development trusts, support for existing trusts, as well as advocate for the development trust model at all levels. Above all else, at DTNI we are responsive to the needs of our members.


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