For those already managing assets, such as community centres, heritage and arts centres, or those who are aspiring to, facilities management training is invaluable for understanding the standards, protocols and legal requirements of buildings management and maintenance.

A bespoke facilities management course has been commissioned by DTNI and designed by our trainer, Beth Goodyear, which will follow the Institute for Workplace and Facilities Management professional standards framework and cover the fundamentals of health and safety, energy, contract management and much more.

Why Facilities Management?

"The role of facilities management is to optimise the use of and manage workplaces, in order to deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation."

There are ten course components:

1. Sector knowledge

2. Strategy and policy development

3. Leadership and management

4. Business continuity and compliance (risk management)

5. Business support services management

6. Property portfolio management

7. Quality management and customer service

8. Finance and IT

9. Procurement and contract management

10. Sustainability (energy management)

A certificate of attendance will be issued which can be used for CPD purposes and the course functions as a stepping stone to the Certificate in Facilities Management accredited training.

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