DTNI Community Expo 18 – now on sale

DTNI Conference 2018 is now open for registrations!

This year’s conference will consider and debate action for social change. It will reflect on emerging thinking and practice that is driving local economic development across the UK and present recommendations on what needs to be done to drive change in NI.

Conference will consider how asset-based community development is key to engaging and mobilising civil society.

Delegates will consider the need for legislative change in NI and debate the advancement of a Community Rights framework.

The Expo will also celebrate the role of community development activists and how, as social change agents, they facilitate the empowerment of citizens to shape the spaces they live in, challenge the status quo and speak truth to power.

Conference will be co-curated by leading social development organisations from the arts and built heritage sectors and will look at the work of these networks in shaping, changing and growing local communities.


Lesley Riddoch is an award-winning journalist, commentator and broadcaster. She has recently piloted a documentary series entitled ‘NATION’ which profiles the small but successful northern European nations neighbouring Scotland.

Lesley will reflect on land reform and community ownership across rural Scotland and consider the lessons therein for social activists in NI.

Neil McInroy is the CEO of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies, a Manchester-based think-and-do tank. A leading commentator on economic development he has been involved in public sector policy and delivery for over 25 years.

Neil will present on the NI Charter for Local Economies, a joint initiative between CLES and DTNI which provides a framework for the actions needed to create resilient local economies.

Sarah Longlands is Director of IPPR North, the north of England branch of the IPPR progressive think tank. She is an expert in regional and local economic development, place and planning, participative democracy and civil society.

Sarah will present on the work of IPPR North and its critique of social and economic policy across the north of England as well as emerging trends in civil action that are driving change across the UK.

Matthew McKeague is CEO at the Architectural Heritage Fund, an organisation that promotes the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK.

Matthew will address the theme of built heritage and the inclusion of local communities as owners of heritage to support sustainable development.

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For cheque / invoice payment options or for information about exhibiting at the Expo contact Stevie McGirr on 9031 1132; admin@dtni.org.uk