Development Trusts NI and the Rural Community Network with the support of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University will host a conference addressing rural asset ownership in Northern Ireland.

Community ownership refers to the ownership and management of local land, buildings or amenities by a community. This ensures that local people have control over the buildings and spaces that have significance to them, so these spaces are used in ways that meet their priorities and needs.

The event will consider rural community ownership in all its forms drawing on experience from rural community development practitioners from across the UK.

Discussion will focus on rural need and how local communities are positioning themselves to meet that need, while addressing the challenge in rural development and ownership of land and property to meet rural need.

We will also assess the policy and investment landscape and opportunities that seek to support rural communities develop their asset base and their work in delivering social and economic justice.

The event will feature workshops focusing on both practice and policy with inputs from the Plunkett Foundation, the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University, Department for Communities, DTAS, Glenshane Community Development, and Grow the Glens Rural Hub.


10.00am – Context, Challenge & Opportunity Rural Ownership in NI – Charlie Fisher DTNI, Kate Clifford, Rural Community Network

10.10am – UK Rural Assets Research – Dani Hutcheon Glasgow Caledonian University & Davide Natalini Anglia Ruskin University

10.20am – Assets & Ownership – Tom Chance, Community Land Trust Network & Linda Gillespie, DTAS/ The Community Ownership Support Service

11am – Showcasing Rural Ownership panel discussion featuring: 

Q & A

12pm – Breakout sessions on:


2pm – Devolved policy and practice: an overview of the UK – Dani Hutcheon Glasgow Caledonian University & Davide Natalini Anglia Ruskin University

2.15pm – Community Empowerment & Community Wealth Building (Scotland) – Malcom Cowie, Community Empowerment, Reform, and Governance, Scottish Government 

2.30pm – Public, Private, Social Partnerships & Rural Renewal – Ryan Black, Mid Ulster District Council 

2.45pm – Department for Communities – Sharron Russel

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