Co-operative Alternatives seminar: Can Do Will Do Must Do

DTNI member Co-Operative Alternatives is the only local advocate and supporter for co-operatives and is working harder than ever to spotlight and promote the local co-operative movement. Co-operatives have the potential to provide solutions and models for the societal challenges of our times and are an important part of the Northern Ireland economy.

CA recently hosted a fascinating seminar to celebrate people with a can-do attitude, determined to make a difference and get things done. The Can Do Will Do Must Do seminar highlighted the vibrant organisations that make up the sector and showcased the impact that co-operatives have on local communities, jobs creation and wealth generation.

Ed Mayo, General Secretary of Co-operatives UK was the key speaker at this event; Co-operatives UK promotes co-operatives through policy, campaigns and the annual publication of Co-operative Economy, and Ed has written extensively on economic and social issues that affect co-operatives, in books and on his blog The Power of Co-operation.

Local co-operatives exhibiting and speaking at the seminar were:

Anne Ford from Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative; Clem Bradley from the Creative Workers Co-operative; Joanna McMinn from Co-Housing NI; Bill Millar from Raglan Community Development Renovation Society; and Richard Higginson from Loveworks Workers Co-operative.

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