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Legal Structures & Governance

A guide to the relative merits of each of the legal structures available in the social sector, and how future funding and profit distribution may depend on the correct choice.

Delivered by Andrew Talbot of Collaboration Ireland. Andrew is a specialist in charity structures, governance, mergers and partnership working. He provides group coaching, project leadership, training, facilitation, governance, transaction and legal support to voluntary and community, social enterprise and statutory organisations.

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Digital marketing for social entrepreneurs

Ciaran Connolly from Profile Tree demonstrates how social innovation can work in the growing digital economy and how new opportunities can be created for social entrepreneurs. Covers social media, website development, content creation, SEOs and more. Watch now

Funding opportunities for social enterprises

Tips on how to maximise your success with institutional funding, for example making applications for grant aid. Delivered by Nigel McKinney of Spellack Consulting, who is hugely experienced in the areas of community engagement, institutional fund raising, and project and action planning. Watch now

Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs

A business plan can be an extremely useful document, providing you with a clear strategy and identifying potential obstacles. This workshop covers all aspects of business planning, from competitor analysis to financial planning.

Delivered by business consultant and coach Stephanie Reid. Watch now

Innovation in Social Enterprise

Social innovation will be critical to how social enterprises can solve social and environmental challenges and enable all businesses to focus on the triple bottom line: profit, people and planet. This workshop looks at he opportunities that are available to create transformation change in communities addressing social and environmental issues as well as sustaining business growth and profit. Delivered by Roger Warnock of Zano Collective. Watch now

Assessing Social Value

As defined by Social Value UK, social value is ‘the quantification of the relative importance that people place on the changes they experience in their lives.’

Social value guru, Stephen McGarry of Work West Enterprise Agency, leads this workshop which aims to help new social enterprises quantify the impact their services have on people and environment. Watch now


Financial Planning for Social Enterprises

Tony Clarke provides guidance on planning your financial processes and systems.

Includes information on financial projections, cashflow forecasts, profit and loss account, income and expenditure account, and balance shee.

Tony is director of Clarke & Co. Accountants and has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by the wider VCSE sector. Watch now

Designing a Product or Service

The first of these workshops takes you through the process of developing your product or service. Including:

  • Idea generation
  • Primary & secondary market research
  • Understanding user needs & motivations
  • Developing viable product & service designs

Delivered by Natasha Lloyd of SERC. Watch now

Designing a Product or Service

The second covers the process of bringing your social enterprise to market.

  • Your aim and mission
  • Commercialising your social enterprise (what are you selling?)
  • Marketing strategy
  • Hints & tips for marketing your social enterprise
  • Case study – Madlug CIC

Delivered by Megan Rollins of SERC. Watch now


Beth Goodyear’s Introduction to Facilities Mangement



Tony Clarke’s Financial Planning Presentation


Roger Warnock’s Social Innovation Presentation



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